Will You Be My Valentine?

Off Whyte Floral Studio Hearts and Pearls
Valentine’s Day Orchids, hearts and pearls,

A question so full of hope, fear, excitement and dread and I’m speaking from the perspective of a florist! Yes, I love the idea of love and romance but this one day – February 14th – is always such a hard one for me. So much expectation and hope; so much room for disappointment.

As a florist, this is THE BIG ONE ! Following on the coat tails of Christmas, this is the first real “holiday” of the new year. January has been a quiet, restful time, and then – WHAM!! – you’re whacked in the head with hearts and roses and chocolate, perfume, stories of romance, engagements and wedding plans. I got my pre-booking price list right before Christmas – yes, over one month before Valentine’s day! So, in the middle of the Christmas flurry, I had to try to predict what my customers would be looking for. Using past orders as a guide will be useless this year as it’s the first one away from the bricks and mortar shop. Will they be basing their orders on what they’ve bought in the past? Will the economy of our province affect the buyer’s purchasing decision? Regardless of what actually happens this week I have already ordered product. If I sell out – yeah for me! If I don’t, well, let’s not think about it.

Some people like to do it up in a big way; flowers, romantic dinners and gifts of lingerie and spa packages. Others prefer the small gestures like a card with a romantic message or a package of cinnamon hearts or Sweet Tarts. Still others refuse to take part in a “commercial holiday” at all and completely ignore it. I enjoy the rush and thrill of the romantic impulse. My heart swells as I read the messages of love that I attach to your flowers and I can’t help but fall for the idea of romantic love – dreaming of someone surprising me with a Valentine! Whichever romantic path you follow, I hope you at least acknowledge the love in your life; romantic or platonic, unbridled or unconditional. Celebrate it and spread it around! Be my Valentine!