The Maple Leaf Cup – My First Floral Competition!

This Friday, I am competing in my first ever floral competition! Yeah! Whoa, wait a minute! This is me breaking out of my normal day-to-day routine quite drastically – I’m generally, not a competitive person…

The Maple Leaf Cup will be held at the Edmonton Home and Garden Show on Friday at 3:00pm. Judgement will be take place following the cut off time at 5:00pm and the results will be announced at 7:00pm. I will be competing alongside 16 other designers; each of us creating 3 arrangements with supplied mystery materials, in two hours. We will be supplied with containers and flowers and given some guidelines at the time of the competition but other than that, I have no idea what to expect and how it all works. Sounds a bit scary, doesn’t it? It does to me!! But, I’m up for the challenge and look forward to expanding my creativity and meeting some great designers along the way.

Off Whyte Floral Studio Arrangement
Antler arrangement with Lilies, sunflowers and Eremuris

We will be judged by designers from all over Canada and the US and the winner will be sent to Vancouver to the “Gateway to the America’s Cup”; a national floral competition held in September.

It’s all very exciting and I have no idea how to prepare for it but I invite you to come to the Northlands Expo Centre to see what rolls out. It’s sure to be exciting! Wish me luck and make sure you vote in the People’s Choice Award.