New Beginnings

Off Whyte Floral Studio - Roses
Tibet, Madre Perla and Early Grey Roses

January: a month of fresh starts, New Year’s resolutions, new beginnings, commitments, plans set in motion, goals to reach, promises to do better, be better, feel better. Also a month of let downs, broken promises, guilt and denial! Yeah!

One year ago, I made an announcement that I would be closing my retail store and looking for new opportunities – a fresh start! I had no idea, at the time, what that might look like exactly but I was ready for a change. Change is hard at the best of times but during an economic crisis, political upheaval, and personal turmoil there’s nothing like pulling up your very firmly planted roots. To say that 2015 was a difficult year would be a very grand understatement but I’m still here! My business re-bloomed as a web-based, phone order and delivery service. I moved into a small studio space with great neighbours. I “popped up” at a few markets and shops pedaling (so tempted to write “petaling”) my flowers, and produced gorgeous wedding flowers to happy, beautiful brides. I re-bloomed! Like a perennial in spring, I turned my face to the sun and just let things happen as they surely would. Naturally, there were bumps in the road and life isn’t always rosy but I kept moving forward.

365 days later,  I’m about to launch this new website and blog post and start off on another season of wedding planning and business building. It feels good! There have only been a few moments when I’ve missed my shop with the pretty displays and the lovely people that would come to visit but really, I don’t miss much else about it. The freedom that this business model offers me has changed my life and I’m really looking forward to this new year. January is almost over and spring is on it’s way. I know there will be struggles and challenges – I’ve been there before. There will also be triumphs and joys that I can’t yet imagine. Bring it! I’m ready!

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