Is Everybody Getting Married This Summer?

It seems like this is a crazy busy season for the wedding industry! I am almost solidly booked for the 2016 season and extended into October, which is fabulous but a bit surprising. I suspect that most of these couples had booked before the economic downturn in Alberta and have continued on as planned, but I seriously can’t believe the size and scope of these weddings! Long gone are the days of the small bridal party and the Mom doing all the planning! And, besides the regular colour trends that we see, there are some really creative and colourful concepts that keep it interesting for me as a florist! I love the soft romantic trend but it’s really fun to create something completely different – like red and magenta or yellow and purple combinations. The desire to be unique keeps it fresh and makes it so much fun to do my work.

Off Whyte Flower Studio: Bridal & Wedding $+++
Summer Romance – Roses, Astilbe, scented Stock, Ranunculas

If you’re getting married next year, now is a great time to see what kinds of flowers are available for your wedding day. Drop in to see the gorgeous blooms that arrive later in the week for bridal work. I might not be able to do a consultation at that time, but you can see a work in progress and get an idea of the ¬†process. I suggest booking a florist 6-8 months prior to your your wedding date. If it happens to fall on a long weekend, it’s better to plan a year in advance or more.

Off Whyte Flower Studio: Bridal & Wedding $+++
Harvest Wedding – roses, berries, preserved Oak leaf

Whatever time of year you choose for your special day, make sure you choose a professional florist to create¬†your bouquets and boutonnieres. Flowers must be ordered well in advance from markets around the world so, it’s not easy to just pick up some white ranunculas or tulips to throw together yourself! It’s also not easy to “throw together” flowers in the first place! We make it look easy because we are professionals! We know the tricks of the trade and have many tools that make your bouquets look fabulous! Trust us! You’ll enjoy your wedding day more for it!