How to be Somebody’s Valentine

There’s a lot of pressure around the tradition of sending gifts to your Valentine and it seems to have gotten out of hand in recent years with extravagant expressions. Billboards declaring your undying love, truckloads of flowers being delivered every hour for the whole day and diamonds the cost of a house.  I’d be overwhelmed by those gestures, for sure! In some cases, men and women are intimidated by the experience of showing their affection  with gifts; fearing the bad choice or the ridicule of an unappreciative recipient. Ladies and gentlemen – do me a favour and be gracious about it. It will help prevent future Valentine’s day disasters if you are thankful and then educate your lover on future gifting experiences.

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You can also help yourself out a lot by leaving hints about what you like (and dislike). Tulips are your favourite? Great! Carnations make you gag? Scented flowers make you wheeze? This is important information for a florist. Love roses but not red? All good! There are soooo many beautiful colours of roses that will be perfect. Many men choose red roses because they think that’s what is “expected” or it’s what their dads chose for their moms. A little guidance will go a long way to avoiding a disappointed Valentine.

It also helps a florist out considerably if the flowers are ordered well in advance, but sometimes that’s asking a lot of our non-multitasking partners! If I may suggest, a very bold hint by leaving a my business card on the bedside table with a list of your favourite flowers is a great start! Sometimes, you need to be really obvious. Just sayin!

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Here’s another angle – maybe you don’t like flowers for Valentine’s Day. I can appreciate that – it’s a commercialized non-holiday that forces you to buy at a time when prices are inflated (good old supply and demand at work here folks!). How about sending those flowers the week after the 14th? Make your own special day to celebrate your love!

Or, even better- give the gift of an annual subscription of flowers once per month for the year. You can choose when, where and what will be sent to your everyday Valentine! How romantic is that? Makes my heart flutter!