Farewell, January!

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A few blossoms in a vase always makes me happy!

The long, dark days of January are nearly over and I can almost feel a breath of spring in the air.  New Year’s resolutions have likely already fallen off the rails and the glow of Christmas has faded. I just took down my decorations (don’t judge me!) and packed the tree away for another year – I can barely handle the empty feeling in my house. So, to fill the void left by the pretty tree with it’s lights and sparkly baubles, I bring home some  flowers! Nothing grand – just a bouquet of Mother of Pearl roses and seeded eucalyptus to add some life to a dreary space. Instant happiness!

It always amazes me how something as simple as a few blossoms in a small vase can cheer me. I don’t think it’s just because I own a flower shop because years before I took this career path I used to bring home a bouquet from the grocery store and get the same flutter of joy. I can remember standing in the grocery floral department just after my student loan cheque had arrived; after I’d paid the bills, rent and bought the groceries, trying to choose a bundle of mini carnations. The good, old fashioned bi-colour red and white with the sweet spicy scent of cloves or the hot pink ones that had no notable fragrance? The bright yellow ones that just screamed for attention or the soft, baby pink ones that gently beckoned with their prettiness? All white? Purple? So many choices – all of them with their own special appeal. I recall buying the bi-coloured scented carnations. They lasted for weeks and they cost me around $5.00. That was almost 30 years ago but I remember them. Their sole purpose was to bring me joy – and they did!