Brighten Up The Short Dull Days of Autumn

The grey days of Autumn are upon us and they seem to be duller than ever! Just two weeks ago I was enjoying my patio and all the glorious planters brimming with lush foliage and flowers. The very next day they were gone. The killing frost and the snow that followed made short work of the remaining leaves on the trees and in the blink of an eye everything is grey; the sky, the trees and my mood!

I always relish those lingering fall days when you can walk under a canopy of gold confetti and crunch through ankle deep leaves, so I kind of feel like I missed out on a season this year. We went straight form summer to winter! So, I guess we have to do the work of nature and colour up our front porches and pots and try to bring some of the feeling of autumn to our homes.

Thanksgiving is over now, but Halloween approaches and why not create some harvest displays for the kids who will come knocking for candy? Add a few cobwebs and spiders to your fall decor to make it festive for the days leading up to the spooky night. A great wreath on the front door can be transformed into a frightening display with a few rubber snakes! I also like to use real candles outside on Halloween to help set the mood. I set them in mason jars along my sidewalk making sure that no one can catch themselves on fire!


Off Whyte Floral Studio: Halloween
Along came a Spider…Elegant, Halloween arrangement

Re-purpose your Thanksgiving decor with a few spooky items to set the mood. Adding skeletons, skulls and bones to arrangements and table decor catches the eye and sparks the imagination!

Sunflowers and skeletons

The contrast of orange and golden yellow against the grey and white of our autumn days makes it feel like we have more than just a day or two of the season. It also might encourage your neighbours to decorate their houses and yards and then everybody benefits! My mood seems lighter already! Have a happy and safe Halloween!