April Showers and May Flowers

Off Whyte Floral Studio
May 5th, 2015 flurries! Optimism remains high this year.

Spring has come early to Alberta and we’re reveling in the warmth of sunny days with bright blue skies. I’ve already had sunburn this year (April 17th!). Winter wasn’t particularly long, cold or troublesome but that first day when you can open the screen windows and let a fresh breeze blow in does something to the soul. Lime green leaves are bursting forth and the scent of chlorophyll and pollen is making me wheeze and itch. It’s glorious!

Off Whyte Floral Studio
Pansies and Violas are not afraid of a bit of cold weather.

Everybody has come out of hibernation! There are neighbours I only see in the warm months and now they are out in force; walking dogs or children, cycling, rollerblading, jogging past in day-glow jackets rivaling the tulips in their brightness. Such hope and optimism and lightness on everyone’s faces!

My neighbours have strung multi-coloured lanterns around their eaves, I’ve set up the daybed under the lilac trees  with mounds of pillows and blankets and strung fairy lights in the branches.  We itch to get our fingers in the dirt and get those gardens ready for planting and there’s still a real possibility of frost and/or snow!  I’ve just planted some of the veg in my garden – just carrots, lettuces and radish – but I couldn’t resist the urge to dig! It must be a primal, genetic stirring that happens when the sun warms the skin. We feel the need to procreate and plant seeds.

Early spring also means that Mother’s Day is just around the bend – May 8th this year. That’s only a few weeks away so, get your flower orders in! We will be delivering on Sunday, as always, but it’s best to order early to get Mom’s favourites!