A Brave New World

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I am a self-proclaimed luddite! I’m good with change as long as it doesn’t mean a new computer of any kind. I mean, “if it ain’t broke, why fix it?”! I can hear my techie friend groaning as he walks me through the tangled jungle of computer-ese just to run an update! I generally balk at the idea of technological changes: web sites, phone upgrades, Smart TV’s, on-line banking (why do they update their sites so often, changing the well traveled paths that I have grown to know?), anything requiring an instructional webinar…. And yet, I decided a year ago to become a technology driven business! Time marches on and it has walked right over me like a victorious soldier on it’s way home.

Instead of becoming a speed bump on the road to the future I have embraced the change! I now use my phone and tablet as my virtual sales floor, office and check out. I possess a tiny Square card reader to process sales on location at the various markets and pop-ups that I have attended. I have compacted my business from 1100 Sq Ft of prime real estate to 110 Sq Ft of light industrial space with communal sinks! I am far from a computer wizard but I have accepted this new form of business and see that it will make my life easier, more efficient and possibly even profitable. WHAT? Why did I ever wait so long to accept this?? It’s amazing how much you learn when forced, kicking and screaming, to change your ways.

I have just launched this new web-site and all it’s accompanying bits (this blog, for instance) with a tremendous amount of work, help and support from my dear friend Trevor of CyberBoss.ca who built the site. He also explained the intricacies of web-building and hundreds of other things that I can’t remember but I know they are important! He is in charge of all the wired and wireless technology in my home and business – especially the power bar that leads to my computer. Only he knows what the cords are for. It’s safer that way! I can’t thank you enough for the effort you have put into this insane project! Your knowledge and expertise is shocking!

My oldest and dearest friend, Donna, provided the original design for my previous web site and the original template for the design of this one. I’m sure she barely recognizes it, but her talent as a graphic designer has touched each page and guided me to make the choices I made. Every “justification” was done with you in mind. Thank you!

There have been far too many people testing, trialing, fake purchasing, proof reading and commenting to thank appropriately so I will just say “Thank you” to all who have been quizzed on the street and surveyed in the coffee shops and bars. I am grateful for your input, but don’t stop yet! Tell me what you think. I’m getting better at taking criticism as it’s not about me – it’s a web site!

Now, I must go forth into this brave new world and find out where the path leads. I hope you’ll all come along for the journey!